BIFF Shorts: Global

Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

Friday, Oct 5 2018 - 4:30 PM

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

BIFF Shorts: Global

Captivating narratives and documentaries from Brazil, France, Russia, Portugal, Kosovo and Puerto Rico. (117 minutes total runtime)

Mini Miss, Rachel Daisy Ellis (Dir.), 16 minutes, Brazil, 2018

Five young girls compete to be crowned Mini Miss Baby Brazil in a documentary that provides intimate access into children’s innate capacity for resistance in a world dominated by adult norms and desires.

Festivals: Full Frame

Pitigua, Paula Cirilo (Dir.), 3 minutes, USA, 2018

A grey kingbird and a red-tailed hawk fight against each other for the light that makes the night and the day.

The Head & The Hand, Marc Sepra Francoeur (Dir.), 23 minutes, USA, 2018

Examining the life-long friendship of seniors Orandina and Angelina, who grew up together in a home for orphaned girls, Marc Sepra Francoeur crafts a rich documentary reflecting on disability, independence and sisterhood.

Festivals: Hot Docs

Forgive Me, Besim Ugzmjli (Dir.), 15 minutes, Kosovo, 2018

A youngster is manipulated by a Kosovar Imam in joining terrorist groups in Syria, in Besim Ugzmjli’s powerful and handsomely crafted drama.

Those Who Can Die, Charlotte Cayeux (Dir.), 19 minutes, France, 2018

A 15-year-old girl sees the light at a dystopian boarding school in Charlotte Cayeux’s low-fi thriller.

Alma Bandida, Marco Antonio Pereira (Dir.), 15 minutes, Portugal, 2018

A man’s quest to give his girlfriend a gift takes a turn for the weird in Marco Antonio Pereira’s light drama.

Festivals: Berlinale, Hong Kong Film Festival

Daddy, Ksenia Tolmazin (Dir.), 7 minutes, Russia, 2018

A conservative, patriarchal man gains a new outlook on life when he’s forced to take care of his newborn daughter for the day.

Tirana 100Km, Lorin Terezi (Dir.), 19 minutes, Albania, 2018

A woman travels back to her birthplace following a life changing event in this captivating drama from Albania.


Trailer - Pitigua - Directed by Paula Cirilo

The Head & The Hand

Trailer - The Head & The Hand - Directed by Marc Sepra Francoeur

Forgive Me

Still - Forgive Me - Directed by Besim Ugzmjli

Those Who Can Die

Trailer - Those Who Can Die - Directed by Charlotte Cayeux

Alma Bandida

Trailer - Alma Bandida - Directed by Marco Antonio Pereira

Tirana 100Km

Trailer - Tirana 100Km - Directed by Lorin Terezi

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Friday, Oct 5 2018 - 4:30 PM