Octav (w/ Abuelo & The Mailbox)


Octav, Serge Ioan Celebidachi (Dir.), 100 minutes, Romania, 2018

BIFF GLOBAL: International Narratives

NY Premiere

When an elderly man returns to his home after decades of absence, the apparition of a childhood sweetheart triggers memories of the life changing events of his youth in war torn Romania.

Screening with:

Abuelo, Caque and Juan Trueba (Dirs.), 9 minutes, Spain, 2018

In a dystopian future a grandfather and daughter set off for one last road trip.


The Mailbox, Jiashan Sami Mo (Dir.), 11 minutes, USA, 2018

A lonely man leaves city life for adventure, friendship and self-discovery after receiving a puzzling letter in the mail.

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