BIFF Shorts: Danger Zone


BIFF Shorts: Danger Zone, 99 minutes

NSFW meets WTF in our signature collection of late night shorts.

Chowboys: An American Folktale

Astron-6 (Dir.), 9 minutes, WNY Premiere, Canada

Canada’s cult collective Astron-6 reunite to present a dark comedy that lampoons the winter western subgenre with absurdist hijinx and grotesque splatters. Festivals: Fantastic Fest, Sundance


Quentin Guobadia (Dir.), 14 minutes, WNY Premiere, USA

A boy (Adam Giannone) is summoned by his government to give a testimony about his right to free speech in this Orwellian thriller.

To Have and To Hold

Travis Carlson (Dir.), 8 minutes, Buffalo City Premiere, USA

When his pregnant wife (Maria Braun) becomes infected with a bizarre disease, a husband (Marc Braun) struggles with the possibility that their child will be born with the same affliction in this thriller.


Rakefet Abergel (Dir.), 15 minutes, Buffalo City Premiere, USA

Over the course of a rough night, Devi (BIFF alum writer/director Rakefet Abergel), 7 years sober, must make a difficult choice between WHO she loves and WHAT she loves.


Jackie Perez (Dir.), 14 minutes, WNY Premiere, USA

A lieutenant and her crew struggle to find her way off a mysterious desert planet in this thriller based upon a short story by Stephen King.

Still Watching

Nick Green (Dir.), 3 minutes, World Premiere, USA

A young man comes home from a normal day...and then things get tense.

It’s Not Custard

Kate McCoid (Dir.), 7 minutes, WNY Premiere, England

A magical gift with bizarre consequence grants bullied teenage the most delicious of revenges in this twisted, gooey comedy. Festivals: SXSW


Daeil Kim (Dir.), 10 minutes, Festival Premiere, USA

A man, desperate to find his wife after her disappearance, searches for answers through the very technology that may have caused her disappearance in the first place in this WNY-based thriller.

To Have and To Hold
Still Watching
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