8 Days, 8 Borders (w/ More Than Two Days, One Word, & Jonah)

Squeaky Wheel

8 Days, 8 Borders, Amanda Bailly (dir.), 61min, ARABIC-W-ENG-SUB, 2017

BIFF Global: Documentary Feature

A gut-wrenching first person account of Sham, a fierce single mother of two, as she escapes the Syrian civil war.

@ Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center – Saturday, October 7, 12:15PM

Screening with:

More Than Two Days, Ahmed Abdelnaser (dir.), 9min, ARABIC-W-ENG-SUB, 2017

Two teenage boys reconcile a past trauma in Ahmed Abdelnaser’s understated Qatarie drama in More Than Two Days.

One Word, Caleb D. Shaffer (dir.), 17min, ARABIC-W-ENG-SUB, 2017

Sammi, a shy African refugee struggles to adapt to her new life in the UK as he comes out of his shell in Caleb Shaffer’s One Word.

Jonah, Michael Maschina (dir), 14min, 2017

Inspired by actual events, Jonah provides an Austrian perspective on the refugee crisis in Michael Machina’s action drama.

Watch the trailer for 8 Days, 8 Borders here!

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    Still from 8 Days, 8 Borders

    Still from 8 Days, 8 Borders