BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: Building Character

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Thursday October 6 - Thursday October 20 @ Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

BIFF Offscreen: Building Character, Mixed media, 2022

This Offscreen exhibition features printed digital images and looping video of select concept art and schematics used to bring the monsters to life in Bashira – an imaginative and original film shot in WNY and Japan. This exhibition focuses on the process of poiesis that the team, including featured concept artist Ng Shi Kian, employed to create these characters. This exhibition explores the powers of horror by picking its characters apart piece-by-piece and putting them back together again.

About the Artist:

Ng Shi Kian is a concept artist and illustrator from Singapore. A graduate from Digital Media Design at Nanyang Polytechnic, he has been creating characters and designing states for a 3D environment ever since.

Shi Kian likes to merge Western and Eastern influences in his fantasy drawings, and in sharing, he believes this cycle of “inspiring others and thus inspiring yourself” never stops.

Thank you to Jeff Sherven, and the University at Buffalo Department of Art's Big Prints Studio for their incredible generosity and the beautiful prints.

Minion A (featured) and other promotional materials courtesy of Ng Shi Kian, Nickson Fong, and Bashira. Our deepest gratitude to all for their generosity.

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