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BIFF Offscreen: Dead Orchids


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Saturday October 7 @ Duende // Silo City

Live performance by Dead Orchids under the stars @ the silos!

This performance is part of BIFF's Offscreen series of music, art and performance, and is free to attend and open to the public.

About the Artist(s):

Always breaking boundaries and constantly seeking to explore what music can be – Dead Orchids is an exceptional group on a path to bring its larger than life sound to the world. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, and coming out of Villa Maria College’s School of Music. Dead Orchids is a dynamic four-piece consisting of Veronica Cousins tearing through audiences with lead vocals that range from angelic calls to primal screams, Guitarist Jake Kohler conjuring a sonic storm of vicious riffs and ethereal melodies, Drummer Tyler Thompson bringing his signature brand of groovy funk and glamorously heavy flair. and Spencer Glinski on Bass laying down thunderous yet soulful lines. The sound of Dead Orchids combines hard rock energy with the melodic textures and rhythmic styles of modern alternative and displays a profound level of versatility with a fusion of funk, blues, metal and progressive styles.

  • Video from Dead Orchids Live @ Music is Art

    Directed by: Dead Orchids

    Still from Dead Orchids Live @ Music is Art

    Still from Dead Orchids Live @ Music is Art

    Directed by: Dead Orchids

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