BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: Stereo Nostalgia & Telematic Rides Along the Caribbean. Day 1.

Hostel Buffalo-Niagara

Estéreo Nostalgias y Telepaseos por un Lugar en el Caribe (Stereo Nostalgia and Telematic Rides Along the Caribbean. Day 1.), Angélica Piedrahita

HDV, with sound; 09:48 loop, 2018

Aided by a mobile viewing device, the artist presented locals with stereoscopic images taken by the Virginia based photographer Horace D. Ashton in 1913 for Underwood & Underwood, and asked them about the places shown. The stereoscopic 3D technique seems to bring up strong experiences and memories of the city.

Observers try to locate the images in coherent narrations and in the process, unfold different historical layers of the city as well as contemporary environmental and urban planning problems.

The path of the video follows the routes marked by the Victorian-era photographic tour, originally produced to show middle class North Americans a picturesque view of Latin America.

On view October 10-14th in the media gallery @ Hostel Buffalo-Niagara from 5pm to 9pm daily.

Opening celebration during BIFF's Night Zero Party, with brief, behind-the-screens curator's talk @ 8pm.

About the artist:

Angélica Piedrahita (1981) is a Colombian multimedia artist, living and working in Monterrey, Mexico, where she is a Professor at the Universidad de Monterrey UDEM. She received an MFA in Media Art Production from SUNY University at Buffalo with the support of a Fulbright Scholarship. Her work has been exhibited in the Bauhaus – Universite at Weimar, The New School for Social Research and video festivals such as Pixel Point Slovenia, Loop Barcelona, KLEX Malasya, Megapolis NY, Videograma and Festival Internacional de la Imagen, at Colombia. As a researcher, she had collaborated in the edition of books and district programs in Art, Science and Technology in the US and Colombia. She worked as assistant professor at Javeriana University in Bogotá Colombia for 10 years. Her most recent work is built around the relationship between images, perception, geography, tourism and visual technologies. Through 2004 and 2005 she was the lead researcher of Videored: Hacia la creación colectiva de video en Internet, funded by Banco Santander. As a result of the project she built an interactive video piece located at and edited the book “Codificar / decodificar: prácticas, espacios y temporalidades del audiovisual en Internet”.

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