BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: Van Tran Nguyen's Erie County Smile


Thursday October 7 - Sunday October 10 at Duende at Silo City.

Erie County Smile, HDV, 2021, 28 minute loop

Erie County Smile is a parody of “Paris By Night” (PBN), a popular Vietnamese-language variety show. PBN gained notoriety in the Vietnamese diasporic community by the mid-1990s and is still in production today.

Music from the live show was recorded and commonly played at Vietnamese-owned businesses all over the world.

"In the waiting area of my family’s nail salon, we always had PBN in the VHS player. This film is dedicated to children of immigrants, who grew up behind doors labeled “EMPLOYEES ONLY”.

Erie County Smile is a satirical short film by Van Tran Nguyen, in collaboration with Alex Derwick, Ako Shergazy, Bryan Czerniawski, and Mengtai Zhang.

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