Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

BIFF Shorts: Coming of Age

Buffalo & Erie County Downtown Central Library – Mason O. Damon Theater

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Stories of struggle and growth, and other evolutions. 89 minutes.


Henry Fowler + Jack Sanders (Dirs) 13 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Tensions rise when a young woman is forced to introduce her boyfriend to her mother at a family dinner.

"Swim Captain"

Christa Haley (Dir) 8 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

A high school swimmer struggles with her tampon before practice.


Billie Frank Smith (Dir) 16 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Billie Frank Smith in attendance.

A supposedly straight couple attempts to redefine their relationship when one of them comes out as non-binary - and as the night progresses, Dolly and Perry will find themselves battling for control of the narrative of the film itself in this semi-autobiographical parable on autonomy and authorship in queer media.

"Could You Take My Equipment?"

Sheila Warren (Dir) 16 minutes, Canada, World Premiere

Director Sheila Warren and Star MJ Jopling in attendance.

A homeless teen finds community and support through a women's hockey league.

"Rad Dad"

Zach Weintraub (Dir) 13 minutes, USA, US Premiere

A sesh with the boys would make dad glad. But if dad can't get rad, then will he be sad?


Ian Patrick Michael Hagerty (Dir) 10 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Ian Patrick Michael Hagerty in attendance.

After the loss of her grandfather, Rose tries to push herself through the grief by playing a chess game against the memory of her grandfather.

"Indoor Baseball"

Christian Cerezo (Dir) 13 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Director Christian Cerezo in attendance.

Noel (Tallie Medel of Everything Everywhere All At Once) works at an indoor baseball facility with her father Mark (John Ennis of* Mr. Show With Bob & David*), who she is financially supported by. Her sister Beth (Sandy Honig of Three Busy Debras) is resentful of her codependent dynamic with their father. On top of that, looming over Noel’s day-to-day existence is the curse of her family’s lineage: every family member must hit 100 baseballs everyday or the love of their life will die.

  • Still from Butter

    Still from Butter

    Directed by: Henry Fowler, + Jack Sanders

  • Still from Swim Captain

    Still from Swim Captain

    Directed by: Christa Haley

  • Video from Apophenia

    Directed by: Billie Frank Smith

    Still from Apophenia

    Still from Apophenia

    Directed by: Billie Frank Smith

  • Still from Could You Take My Equipment?

    Still from Could You Take My Equipment?

    Directed by: Sheila Warren

  • Still from Rad Dad

    Still from Rad Dad

    Directed by: Zach Weintraub

  • Still from Stalemate

    Still from Stalemate

    Directed by: Ian Patrick Michael Hagerty

  • Still from Indoor Baseball

    Still from Indoor Baseball

    Directed by: Christian Cerezo

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