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BIFF Shorts: Correspondences

BIFF Shorts: Correspondences

Exchanges and communications. 62 minutes.

__Our Horizons __

Charlotte Cayeux (Dir), 44 minutes, France, Western New York Premiere

A woman's voice reads letters written to her by her imprisoned lover over a seascape. In this dialogue between images and text, absence, expectation and the desire for freedom are expressed.

In French with English subtitles.


Jhon Ciavaldini (Dir), 18 minutes, Argentina, Western New York Premiere

What do we see from our windows? Filmmaker Jhon Ciavaldini sees images of violence, and of a collective nightmare – images of a country in crisis through the eyes of Venezuelans, including his mother, while he is away at university in Argentina.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Watch the Virtual Q+A with Director Jhon Ciavaldini here!

  • Still from Our Horizons

    Still from Our Horizons

    Directed by: Charlotte Cayeux

  • Still from Ventanas

    Still from Ventanas

    Directed by: Jhon Ciavaldini