Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A


Squeaky Wheel


A cinematic platform for abstract expressions, poetic essays, and unique perspectives.

End of Time, Milcho Manchevski (dir.), 5mins, 2017

Time has stopped and the universe has contrasted into the size of a grain of rice in Micho Manchevski’s visual essay on culture and temporality.

Sigint, Phil Hastings (dir.), 4min, 2017

Director Phil Hastings in attendance

Signal Intelligence - the act of collecting/intercepting information takes an interstellar journey through the microscopic image in Phil Hastings Sigint.

Portrait of Snow, Roy Zheng (dir.), 10min, 2017

Director Roy Zheng in attendance

An encounter with a younger artist allows legendary visual artist and experimental film pioneer Michael Snow the opportunity to reflect on his career.

Niofar, Hugo Lemant (dir.), 7min, 2017

Tracing the steps of a French girl in rural Senegal, Hugo Lemant’s explores the ties that bind in a haunting abstract essay on humanity and cultural exchange.

The Fourth Kingdom, Adan Aliaga & Alex Lora (dirs.), 14min, 2017

Director Adan Aliaga in attendance

A poetic exploration of a New York City redemption center for plastics where immigrants and underdogs come together to chase the illusive American Dream.

Manufactured Obsolescence, Elijah Pike (dir.), 5min, 2017

Director Elijah Peak in attendance

A critique of materialism, technology, and commodities designed for obsolescence.

Corp, Pablo Polledri (dir.), 9min, 2017

Ambition, exploitation of labour, environmental pollution, human degradation..all in a day's work in Pablo Polledri’s playfully horrific animated essay.

Angry Black B*tch, April Kelly (dir.), 14min, 2017

A glimpse into different interpretations of anger within black women combining spoken word, hypnotic performances and cinematography.

@ Squeaky Wheel – Saturday, October 7, 4:30PM

  • Still from End of Time

    Still from End of Time

    Directed by: Milcho Manchevski