Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A


Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center


Provocative storytelling where the journey is more important than the destination.

Cleopatra, Jenna Roscoe (dir), 15min, 2017

Director Jenna Roscoe in attendance

A disturbed teenager flees the scene of her mother’s fatal car crash in Jenna Roscoe’s Rochester-lensed thriller.

Sofia, Anabel Caso (dir), 11min, SPANISH-W-ENG-SUB, 2017

An encounter in the middle of nowhere changes everything for a blossoming teen in Anabel Caso’s provocative erotic drama.

Points of View, Fabio Yama Ji (dir), 16min, PORTUGUESE-W-ENG-SUB, 2017

An immersive first-person exploration of Sao Paulo through the experience of Maria, a blind tour guide.

Jack and Jill, Nikhil Melnechuk (dir), 16min, 2017

Director Nikhil Melnechuk in attendance

Two tough girls wreak havoc and seek redemption in the bars and parking lots of a rough-and-tumble small town.

Exit 9, Joseph Barglowski (dir), 23min, 2017

Stood up by a guy, a woman makes the best of an impossible detour along Exit 9.

The Long Way Home, Iben Deari (dir), 14min, MACEDONIAN-W-ENG-SUB, 2017

A murder is released from prison must choose between abandoning his family and risking his family to return home in Iben Deari’s Macedonian revenge thriller.