BIFF Shorts: Lost Connections
Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

BIFF Shorts: Lost Connections

October 8-12, 2020

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BIFF Shorts: Lost Connections

Films about those lost and found moments in life.


Giovanni Alfonzetti (Dir), 13 minutes, World Premiere, USA

A family is faced with tragedy in the shadow of a looming forest.

Dorris 85

Grace Phillips (Dir), 12 minutes, WNY Premiere, USA

In an attempt to maintain composure and a sense of normalcy in a tough situation, elderly couple Dorris (Susan Slatin) and husband Alvin (Chiz Schultz) celebrate a significant birthday in this tender and nuanced drama.

The Walk

Victoria Negri (Dir), 4 minutes, NY Premiere, USA

In this surreal thriller, a woman (Kerry Lacy) grapples with understanding a world she thought she knew, as she struggles to leave a relationship.

__In The Pink __

Katharine Stocker (Dir), 13 minutes, NY Premiere, USA/UK

A young medical professional who discovers she might be infertil in this drama about friendship, youth, and maintaining normalcy, when something as fundamental as bodily autonomy is taken away.


Jason Satterlund (Dir), 16 minutes, NY Premiere, USA

Two disillusioned sign spinners (Danette Wilson & Jameel Saleem) find love and friendship on the streets of West Los Angeles.

The Bonefish

Daniel Houghton (Dir), 8 minutes, World Premiere, USA

A mother of two goes on an underwater journey to make a profound decision that will reshape her family in this moving animated drama.

Cool for Five Seconds

Dani Wieder (Dir), 12 minutes, NY Premiere, USA

The past is present when Colleen (Katherine Bourne Taylor) reunites with her estranged sister Eleanor (Mary Tilden).


Mark Datuin (Dir), 15 minutes, NY Premiere, Canada

BIFF alum Mark Duatin returns to the festival with a powerful drama exploring an abusive mother-son relationship that comes to a head after an attempted reconciliation in adulthood.

Just Desserts

Edward Hicks (Dir), 14 minutes, NY Premiere, UK

Revenge is a dish served cold in Edward Hicks’ quirky comedy that finds a best man and a bridesmaid proving their love for eachother in unexpected ways on the morning of their friends’ wedding.

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