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BIFF Shorts: Redemption Tales

BIFF Shorts: Redemption Tales

Seeking redemption? You’ve come to the right shorts block. Stories of growth and pivotal moments. 110 minutes.

Just Like You

Sebastien Rabas (Dir), 20 minutes, UK, New York State Premiere

A handyman from the south coast of England seeks to understand his opiate addiction by exploring inter-generational trauma in his family, trying to break the cycle before it affects his young daughter.

West Bottoms

Greg Sheffer (Dir), 20 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Larry Poole is a drifter. Most nights, he can barely sleep while battling regret from decades of bad decisions. The kind of decisions that would drive anyone away…including his only daughter Jessica.

Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me

Adrian Todd Zuniga (Dir), 9 minutes, UK, New York State Premiere

Disconsolate over the death of her child, Aidy skips grief counseling and enters a pub on a freezing London evening. Soon, her melancholic night is interrupted by Stella, an eager but ill-equipped stranger intent on helping Aidy.

The Outing

Joanne Mitchell (Dir), 15 minutes, UK, New York State Premiere

1970's: A lonely divorcee, Nellie, meets widower Frank on a trip to the seaside. Nellie lets herself be swept away by the hope of connection. But as the seagulls circle overhead and Frank begins to ask too many questions, Nellie realises she will never be able to escape a monstrous family secret ...

Wolf Tone

Lauren Cook + Nathan Pancione (Dir), 16 minutes, USA, Buffalo Premiere

Violinist Jea (TL Thompson) returns home to reconnect and reconcile with mother Lisa (Jami Tenille) in this nuanced drama from BIFF alumni Lauren Cook and Nathan Pancione.

Write Here

Jake Muñoz Consing (Dir), 15 minutes, Philippines, New York State Premiere

An aging gay man in mid-stage Alzheimer's struggles to hold onto his identity and onto the memory of his one true love.

In Tagalog with English subtitles.

The Stupid Boy

Phil Dunn (Dir), 15 minutes, UK, New York State Premiere

London is being terrorized by christian white supremacists. While a broken man is groomed for the next attack, a boy from Brixton sees the world in a different way. But seeing things differently can be dangerous.

  • Still from Just Like You

    Still from Just Like You

    Directed by: Sebastien Rabas

  • Still from West Bottoms

    Still from West Bottoms

    Directed by: Greg Sheffer

  • Still from Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me

    Still from Hold Me, Don’t Touch Me

    Directed by: Adrian Todd Zuniga

  • Still from The Outing

    Still from The Outing

    Directed by: Joanne Mitchell

  • Still from Wolf Tone

    Still from Wolf Tone

    Directed by: Lauren Cook

  • Still from Write Here

    Still from Write Here

    Directed by: Jake Muñoz Consing

  • Still from The Stupid Boy

    Still from The Stupid Boy

    Directed by: Phil Dunn