North Park Theatre


Celebrating “the other New York’s” diverse stories and storytellers from all over WNY – from Buffalo’s east side to the Seneca Nation.

Mastor Pastor Kerr, Alicia Woods (dir) 11min, 2017

Director Alicia Woods in attendance

A portrait of Buffalo’s own Pastor Kerr, a Kung Fu master who runs a successful church and shelter for women and children on the city’s East side.

Soup For My Brother, Terry Jones (dir), 10mins, 2017

Director Terry Jones in attendance

Filmed on the Senica National Territory, Terry Jones’ crafts a rich, personal essay on tradition, brotherhood, and loss.

So We Depart, Fraaz Khan (dir) 8min, 2017

Director Fraaz Khan in attendance

A Pakistani-American brother and sister are brought together by their dying mother in Fraaz Khan’s moving, So We Depart.

Intermission, Cody DeLong (dir), 8min, 2017

Director Cody DeLong in attendance

A heated love triangle between two actors and an audience member culminates during a brief intermission.

Marksman, Sam Avery (dir), 15min, 2017

Director Sam Avery in attendance

A trigger happy man, down on his luck has a chance encounter he’ll live to regret in Sam Avery’s backwoods fable inspired by true events.

Jackie & Jane, Molly Kath Lewis (dir), 5 min, 2017

Director Molly Kath Lewis in attendance

Two aspiring outlaws try to make a clean break encounter roadblocks in Molly Kath Lewis’ romp.

Outburst, Benjamin Starack (dir), 15min, 2017

Director Benjamin Starack in attendance

Caught between being ignored and being babied a young wheelchair bound man struggles to keep his anger in check as he prepares for a songwriting competition.

@ North Park Theatre – Sunday October 8, 4:00PM