Pet Names (w/ Summer)

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

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Pet Names, Carol Brandt (Dir.), 75 minutes, USA, 2018

BIFF USA: Domestic Narratives

NY Premiere

Writer/Producer Lee Havlicek in attendance.

Meredith Johnson writes and stars as a grad school drop-out, caring for her terminally ill mother. She takes a break to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend (Rene Cruz) in Carol Brandt’s tender, nuanced character study.

Festivals: SXSW

Screening with:

Summer, Mikhaela Mahony (Dir.), 20 minutes, USA, 2018

On the last day of summer, family traditions reveal family secrets.

  • Video from Pet Names

    Directed by: Carol Brandt

    Still from Pet Names

    Still from Pet Names

    Directed by: Carol Brandt

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