Place-Based NonFiction

Buffalo Toronto Public Media

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Oct 6 @ 2:00PM – 3:00PM: Live @ Buffalo Toronto Public Media + live streamed to social + website

This panel focuses on three of the films in this year's festival – A Thousand Pines, unseen, and Razing Liberty Square – place-based nonfiction films where the makers focus on the importance of community. Panelists will discuss their immersive films; approaches to storytelling; and the characters, cultures, and landscapes that they focus their lenses on.

Panelist from A Thousand Pines: Co-Director Noam Osband

Panelist from Razing Liberty Square: Producer Ronald Baez

Panelists from unseen: Director Set Hernandez + Documentary Participant/Star Pedro

Moderators: Kathryn Larsen, Vice President of Content Distribution at Buffalo Toronto Public Media; Lynne Bader, Vice President of Original Content Creation at Buffalo Toronto Public Media + Anna Scime, Executive Director at Buffalo Int'l Film Festival

Watch the live stream here.

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