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BIFF Shorts: Warrior Women

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BIFF Shorts: Warrior Women

Women fighting ethical, cultural, and literal wars. Films with strong female leads. 71 minutes.

Ter Chono. A Mongolian Story

George Dogaru (Dir), 22 minutes, Romania, New York State Premiere

From southern China to the near border of Vienna, the thirteenth century finds more than half of the known world under the rule of Mongol steppe warriors. As the generals in the territories of the former Dacia return to Mongolia, robbery and destruction is left in their wake.

In Romanian with English subtitles.

Ditë e Kuqe

Besim Ugzmajli (Dir), 15 minutes, Kosovo, New York State Premiere

Arsa, a deaf girl, and her mother Dodona, an ex-actress, want to be part of “Festival of Performance.” Arsa is not on the list of participants but she and her mother are ready to do just about anything to be be able present their unique story on stage.

In Albanian with English subtitles.

Ubani Na Moto

Pishdaad Modaressi (Dir), 14 minutes, UK, Western New York Premiere

When Amal, co-founder of the first female-owned safari business in Tanzania, is summoned from England it's clear that funds have been misused by her business partner. Upon her arrival, she's presented with evidence of more serious issues by the female staff.

In Swahili with English subtitles.


Ivar Wigan (Dir), 20 minutes, France, World Premiere

A murder on an uninhabited island near Marseille leads to a battle to find the truth and escape back to civilisation.

In French with English subtitles.

  • Still from Ter Chono. A Mongolian Story

    Still from Ter Chono. A Mongolian Story

    Directed by: George Dogaru

  • Video from Ditë e Kuqe

    Directed by: Besim Ugzmajli

    Still from Ditë e Kuqe

    Still from Ditë e Kuqe

    Directed by: Besim Ugzmajli

  • Still from Ubani Na Moto

    Still from Ubani Na Moto

    Directed by: Pishdaad Modaressi

  • Still from Kassandra

    Still from Kassandra

    Directed by: Ivar Wigan

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