Duende is a bar and event space located on the grounds of Silo City in Buffalo, New York.

Surrounded by towering grain silos, Duende was once a 1940’s office building owned by American Malting Company.

Guided by the authentic spirit of duende, the bar’s design was inspired by its unique location at Silo City: from the manufacturing legacy to the ever-growing urban gardens. Using materials salvaged from the silos, Duende features a unique handcrafted bar and rugged industrial design.

They have live music several times a week. Check out their calendar for a current listing of Duende happenings.

What is Duende?

In front of artistic masterpieces, you've experienced duende. Lost in writing, sculpting, dancing, and inventing you've felt it too. It's that unexplainable stirring of the soul that happens in the depths of creating and experiencing great art. Duende is the evocative expression that calls to your creative self.

Duende is becoming.

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