BIFF Shorts: Next Chapters

Sunday, Oct 7 2018 - 6:30 PM

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

BIFF Shorts: Next Chapters

Global and domestic narratives and docs about rolling with the punches, reinvention and moving on. (137 minutes total runtime)

The Auctioneer, Nik Kleverov (Dir.), 12 minutes, USA, 2018

Tortured by a speech impediment, Todd finds his true calling after a series of dead-end jobs in Nik Kleverov’s inspiring drama staring legendary rapper Bubba Sparxxx.

Dead Eye, Sam Avery (Dir.), 15 minutes, USA, 2018

An octogenarian female boxer gives it another go.

Oblivion, Fatemeh Mohammadi (Dir.), 15 minutes, Iran, 2018

A woman tries to makes the most of her husband’s final days as his illness takes a toll on their relationship in this intimate family drama from Iran.

Broke, Bjørn Erik Pihlmann Sørensen (Dir.), 38 minutes, Norway, 2018

In Scandinavia’s most affluent suburb a teen deals with the bankruptcy of her millionaire father in a dark drama about wealth and identity.

Dragtivists, Savanna Rogers(Dir.), 7 minutes, USA, 2018

A documentary about the intersection of activism and drag performance set in the Kansas City drag scene.

Another Winter, Francisco Javier Gomez Pinteno (Dir.), 10 minutes, Country, 2018

A couple celebrates their tenth anniversary through an intimate and dialectical exercise as they renew their passions and desires for each other.

Queer and the Southern God, Melisse Tokic (Dir.), 23 minutes, USA, 2018

After a sexual assault leaves a transgendered man, Hank (Adrian Hill) pregnant and alone, a series of revelations come to light in a small rural town in Melisee Tokic’s tender drama.

The Auctioneer

Trailer - The Auctioneer - Directed by Nik Kleverov


Trailer - Oblivion - Directed by Fatemeh Mohammadi


Still - Broke - Directed by Bjørn Erik Pihlmann Sørensen


Trailer - Dragtivists - Directed by Savanna Rogers

Another Winter

Still - Another Winter - Directed by Francisco Javier Gomez Pinteno

Queer and the Southern God

Trailer - Queer and the Southern God - Directed by Melisse Tokic

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Sunday, Oct 7 2018 - 6:30 PM