Lullaby Killer (w/ Play & Cecilia)


Sunday, Oct 7 2018 - 2:30 PM

North Park Theatre

Lullaby Killer, Krysztof Lang (Dir.), 98 minutes, Poland, 2018

BIFF GLOBAL: International Narratives

WNY Premiere

The true story of the notorious Polish serial killer, Wladyslaw Mazurkiewicz, who terrorized Cracow in the 1950s, comes to life in Krysztof Lang’s handsomely produced procedural drama.

Presented in association with the Polish Film Festival in Buffalo and the Permanent Chair of Polish Culture at Canisius College.

Screening with:

Play, Piotr Sulkowski Dir.), 13 minutes, Poland, 2018

A man consumed by guilt relives the trauma of his youth in Piotr Sulkowski’s psychological thriller.


Cecilia, Sophia Kiapos (Dir), 7 minutes, USA, 2018

An unborn child returns in Sophia Kiapos’ bold physiological drama.

Lullaby Killer

Trailer - Lullaby Killer

North Park Theatre

Sunday, Oct 7 2018 - 2:30 PM