BIFF Shorts: Life and Times

Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

BIFF Shorts: Life and Times, 81 minutes

Captivating slices of life from exciting cinematic voices.


Isaadora Verissimo (Dir.), 14 minutes, NY Premiere, USA

A girl (Chrisin Muuli) struggles to piece together her identity through reflections of her master's past in Isaadora Verissimo’s haunting thriller.


Parker Craft (Dir.), 12 minutes, NY Premiere, USA

Living in the shadows of sunny Venice, California, a homeless professional (Eliza Croft) struggles to keep her head above water.

Girl Steals Painting

Alexander Jeffrey (Dir.), 15 minutes, Northeast Premiere, USA

On July 4th, 1958, a young woman (Elizabeth Stenholt) arrives at a lavish mansion in New Orleans to reclaim an Edgar Degas painting that rightfully belongs to her.

Last Dream Before Sunrise

Tom Albanese (Dir.), 11 minutes, NY Premiere, USA Director Tom Albanese in attendance.

A grieving woman (Marian Frizelle) travels to an isolated cabin with a strange power in this moving, meditative drama from writer/director Tom Albanese.

Metronome (In Time)

Scott Floyd Lochmus (Dir.), 13 minutes, WNY Premiere, USA

An elderly ailing maestro and a young piano prodigy venture out of their musical isolation in hopes of selling their beloved piano in Scott Floyd Lochmus’ moving wordless fable. Festivals: Tribeca


Alexia Oldini (Dir.), 6 minutes, WNY Premiere, USA

After she is evicted from her home, Grace (Shenell Evans) navigates a callous society built to exploit the precariousness of people like herself.


Masoud Soheili (Dir.), 15 minutes, NY Premiere, Afghanistan/Iran

A stranger traveling on a minibus to Kabul decides to take a detour in Masoud Soheili’s delightful drama.

Liam and May

Keith Murphy (Dir.), 19 minutes, NY Premiere, Canada Director Keith Murphy in attendance.

In Keith Murphy’s handsomely crafted character study, Liam (Jason Acton), an Irish Army Intelligence Officer and wife May (Leanne Noelle Smith), an Opera star on the rise, navigate a contentious relationship as the country sits on the brink of World War II.

Last Dream Before Sunrise
Metronome (In Time)
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