Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

BIFF Shorts: WNY Stories

North Park Theatre

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BIFF Shorts: WNY Stories, 97 minutes

Work by Western New York storytellers.

Memories of the Future

Stephen Graham (Dir.), 37 minutes, World Premiere, USA

Director Stephen Graham in attendance.

On the eve of a career changing art opening, painter Jackson (J. Tim Raymond) finds himself distracted by memories of the Vietnam War, in Stephen Graham’s psychedelic drama.

Active Voices: Gun Reform Activism in Rochester, New York

Jeremy Sarachan (Dir.), 17 minutes, World Premiere, USA

Director Jeremy Sarachan in attendance.

Filmed throughout 2018, Jermy Sarachan’s documentary captures a growing movement of activists engaging with their communities through rallies, speeches and performances.

Rose Dies Friday

Annette Daniels Taylor (Dir.), 9 minutes, Buffalo City Premiere, USA

Director Annette Daniels Taylor in attendance.

BIFF alum and award-winner Annette Daniels Taylor’s latest cinematic poem focuses on Rose Butler. Born a slave in New York City, as a teenager Butler is the last person hung in New York State for arson.

“A” My Name Is

Sarah T. Schwab (Dir.), 12 minutes, WNY Premiere, USA

Director Sarah T. Schwab and actress Samarah Conley in attendance.

A young girl (Samarah Conley) with early stage cancer has a late-night adventure that culminates in the consideration of her mortality in Sarah T. Schwab’s award winning drama filmed in North Tonawanda.

The Last Adjunct

Dorothea Braemer (Dir.), 8 minutes, World Premiere, USA

Director Dorothea Braemer in attendance.

Director Dorothea Breamer and a team of Buffalo activists and academics explore the economic and psychological effects of Higher Education’s exploited adjunct workforce.

Distant Stars

Emily Fisher (Dir.), 24 minutes, Buffalo Premiere, USA

Director Emily Fisher in attendance.

A banal secret transforms one summer into that of significant change for two high school friends and neighbors in this lilting and lovely film.

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