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BIFF Offscreen: Buddy Boi + Turkey Boi

Community Beer Works

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Returning DJ duo, Buddy Boi + Turkey Boi, will join DJ Medison for BIFF's Sunday Funday Party on October 8th at Community Beer Works.


Eva Huber (as Buddy Boi) is an internationally recognized tattoo artist based in Buffalo, NY and owner of Peregrine Tattoos who has been plying her craft across the world for nearly two decades. A frequent guest of conventions and tattoo shops all over, Eva is often booked for a painful time, but as Buddy Boi, Eva is here for a good time. Off-hours, she often trades one sensation for another as Buddy Boi provides just the right music to enhance any atmosphere.

Keith Poplawski (as Turkey Boi) is a BIFF 2017 alum with countless musical alter egos. As NSFW, he entertained the extremely late-night Buffalo crowds with a merciless blend of unvarnished Chicago and Detroit-style house music. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Keith records in his home studio under the moniker Teletheory with a rotating cast of collaborators. Turkey Boi will be mixing festive rhythms with unreleased tracks from an upcoming EP self-described as a "Polish-American love letter to Anabolic Frolic."

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