BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: Cage Match Dress Rehearsals

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Thursday October 5 - Saturday, November 11 @ Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

Cage Match Dress Rehearsals, HDV, 2021-23, 9 minute loop

This Offscreen video installation features moving image in four movements: bodies and patterns set to motion, rippling bodies all mixed up, pattern expression of the space itself, and liquid darkness.

This video is a selection from numerous studies created during the making of "Cage Match Refractions" (2021 BIFF alum). These studies are organized into four sections and were generated with code for exploring various formal effects in extended moments applied to a single photograph (an MMA cage match). In these recordings one sees the effects of Lattanzi's actual rehearsing of interactions in real-time (using computer keyboard to trigger visual changes in the code) to animate dripping, rippling fractal spaces.

About the Artist:

Barbara Lattanzi's art practice focuses on the algorithmic discovery of visual forms, especially those forms to be found in a fractal demiworld, where they haunt the spaces located between dimensions. Lattanzi's work has roots in Chicago. There she attended the School of the Art Institute, studying with Imagist painter Ray Yoshida, and attending cinema lectures of Stan Brakhage. Later, she studied with Hollis Frampton and Tony Conrad at Center for Media Study (Buffalo, NY). From 2006 to 2020, she was a professor of electronic media art at New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University. Her films, videos, Internet art, and generative software have been screened and exhibited at such venues as Microscope Gallery (NYC), Whitney Museum of American Art, Buffalo International Film Festival, XCÈNTRIC 2020 (Barcelona), among many others.

Still from Cage Match Dress Rehearsals courtesy of the artist.

  • Still from Cage Match Dress Rehearsals

    Still from Cage Match Dress Rehearsals

    Directed by: Barbara Lattanzi

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