BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: Scripting – Passage – Suspension

Buffalo RiverWorks

Friday October 7 - Monday October 10 @ PLAY/GROUND//Buffalo RiverWorks (just a mile downstream from BIFF's premier art and party venue(s), Duende + Silo City :)

Scripting to passage to suspension, HDV, 2021, 37 minute loop

This Offscreen installation features moving image and text, art and language, and hypnotic colors, shapes, sounds and silences.

Screening at PLAY/GROUND will be the video/audio/text trilogy Scripting to passage to suspension, a single channel, reformatted triptych by Rebekkah Palov.

This piece of visual poetry invites the viewer to make their own meaning as colorful images and text captivate attention and animate imagination. The trilogy includes: “Scripting” with candy color visuals and narrative fragments, followed by “Passage” with its fun-house aesthetics and textual athletics, and “Suspension Landscape After the Drought” with its sci-fi landscapes, it's a gentle and thoughtfully crafted essay on secrets, self, and social censorship.

About the Artist:

Rebekkah Palov’s videos and sound art have been exhibited at experimental international film festivals and sound-art exhibitions including exhibition at Anthology Film Archives NYC, MassArt Boston, Museum of Arts and Design NYC, SAT Montréal, QC, Bushwick Starr NYC, Oblo Film Festival Lausanne CH, r22 Tout-monde, SoundFjord Gallery London UK, and Digital Art Weeks Zurich CH. Rebekkah is a member of the electroacoustic ensemble “Carrier Band" (IEA Records) and “NowNet Arts Hub”, Virtual International Audiovisual Performance Ensemble, Sarah Weaver Composer, Conductor, Her on-screen performance credits include “The Lollipop Generation”, film by G.B. Jones, and ”Catalog”, film by Stephanie Barber. Palov is a researcher+curator on contemporary time-based arts, immersive media (VR/AR/AI) and historical research on electronic music pioneer Harald Bode (b.1909).

Still from Passage (featured) and other promotional materials courtesy of the artist. Our deepest gratitude to Rebekkah Palov for her generosity.

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