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[six years]

North Park Theatre

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[six years]

Paige Sarlin (Dir), 30 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Director Paige Sarlin in attendance.

[six years] marks an anniversary of the filmmaker and musician Tony Conrad’s death with an assemblage of documentary images and sounds created in the apartment in Buffalo, NY where Sarlin and Conrad lived together.

On the night Tony died, Paige played cello to him for hours as his breathing slowed and changed. [six years] contains excerpts from that audio recorded at Hospice Buffalo and explores the capacity of expanded cinema to function as a holding space for grief.

This experimental documentary is meant to be watched while holding a balloon supplied by the filmmaker. This prosthetic provides access to the deaf and hard of hearing and amplifies the somatic dimensions of experiencing loss.



Tony Conrad (Dir), 12 minutes, USA, 1981

Off-screen chatter coupled with an enthusiastically improvised musical performance, offers an early take on the control and construction of the televisual image.

  • Still from [six years]

    Still from [six years]

    Directed by: Paige Sarlin

  • Still from Accordion

    Still from Accordion

    Directed by: Tony Conrad

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