Tradition, Trauma & Tenderness
Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

Tradition, Trauma & Tenderness

October 6, 2023

Friday, 10:30 AM

Burchfield Penney Art Center

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Alex Simmons + Valerie Walawender (Dirs), 90 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Director Valerie Walawender and documentary participants Audrey Hager and Peter Jones in attendance.

A meditation on the universal nature of trauma, and how traditions passed on in a tender, nurturing environment, can help heal and prevent trauma. The film presents the experiences of an individual, family, community, and diverse cultures from around the globe. Insights from psychological and neuroscience perspectives are interwoven into a series of stories that are both particular and intimate, while at the same time, reflect far-reaching issues and themes.

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