Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

Two Komachis w/ Those Beautiful Moments

Two Komachis

Takeshi Sone (Dir), 86 minutes, WNY Premiere, Japan

Japanese with English subtitles

A grim reaper falls in love with the women he’s sworn to take to hell in this innovative genre-bending horror romance.

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Screening with:

Those Beautiful Moments

Vasily Chuprina (Dir), 14 minutes, NY Premiere, Russia

Russian with English subtitles

In this subtle shocker, a scientist searches for eternal beauty and life.

  • Still from Two Komachis

    Still from Two Komachis

    Directed by: Takeshi Sone

  • Still from Those Beautiful Moments

    Still from Those Beautiful Moments

    Directed by: Vasily Chuprina

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