BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: II

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

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Jacob Kassay (Dir), 22 minutes, USA, Special Offscreen/Onscreen Presentation

Artist Jacob Kassay, Audio Engineer Frank Napolski + Camera Operator Tim Meehan in attendance for a post-projection live audience Q+A.

Two machines — a 16mm projector and a tandem helicopter — align and mirror each other, with the looping reels of the projector overlapping the twin blades of the helicopter. After taking off and hovering a few feet above the ground, the aircraft appears uncannily inert, as the frame rate of the camera synchronizes with the rotation of the helicopter blades. The film fuses the machine "active" and the machine "depicted" into one harmonized assembly that negates the functions of both.

This free offscreen/onscreen film event will only happen once during the fest – don't miss it!

Film print courtesy of the artist. Still image courtesy of 303 Gallery.

About the artist:

Jacob Kassay is an artist best known for painting yet his education is in photography with a special interest in Film. Kassay takes iterative and repetitive approaches to the mechanics of Abstraction to thin the membrane between our corporeal and psychic selves; these tactics are situational and transient in their application so as to maintain a provisional relationship to form.

  • Still from II

    Still from II

    Directed by: Jacob Kassay

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