BIFF Offscreen

BIFF Offscreen: Symon Presents Symon

North Park Theatre

Saturday October 8 @ North Park Theatre

Symon Presents Symon, Live Performance (Length TBA), 2022

Performance by world famous artist Symon, described by the artist as –– "everything that's important."

About the Artist:

Founder of the "Destruction Movement" (1973-1975), a short lived but impactful moment in contemporary art history, Symon has been reluctantly working across media and disciplines for decades. In the 1990s, Symon (formally Symon "Provenzano") shot to international fame and became a household name after being displayed inside of an opaque, black box in Alexanderplatz for over a week, although no one saw him enter and no one saw him emerge. He was quoted in Germany’s The Art Newspaper saying “when I was inside [the black box] I was on the interior, when I wasn’t, I was on the exterior. Now will someone bring me a blow torch?” Symon claims he was the first artist to send an NFT project to the Moon, and he plans to send the next NFT directly to his cousin Randy, who recently moved to Spain but isn’t “fully” moved in yet. Symon is considered the foremost Post-Conceptual artist of contemporary times.

Symon Sayz (featured) and other promotional materials courtesy of the artist and FoMA, New York.

Our deepest gratitude to Symon for Symon's generosity.

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