Screening w/ Filmmaker Q&A

BIFF Shorts: Students

North Park Theatre

The next generation of filmmaking, today. 129 minutes.

Her Habitat

Nora Marris (Dir), 7 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Director Nora Marris in attendance.

A severely depressed woman (Hannah Monsour) finds temporary solace in a beetle on her windowsill.

Falling Up

Davis Cameron Chu (Dir), 36 minutes, USA, New York State Premiere

Director and Star Davis Cameron Chu in attendance.

College student Davis clings joyfully to his childlike surroundings. Video games, stuffed animals, singing eggs - who could want anything more!? He is content in his current stage of life, and has no intention of growing up, due to the notion that being an adult kind of sucks. Therefore, when adulthood is literally delivered to his doorstep, Davis responds appropriately. He freaks out.

Feral Joe

Ruby Z. Soudant (Dir), 12 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Ruby Z. Soudant and Star Maximus Zevon–Powell in attendance.

An office man (Maximus Zevon-Powell) with a dead-end cubicle job, discovers another side of himself in this lyrical cinematic exploration of life.


Dylan Huang (Dir), 11 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Director Dylan Huang in attendance.

A story about the inner world of a man that’s experiencing Kodokushi. Yamasaki is disconnected and forgotten by society. Isolated and not willing to accept any help, he sinks deeper into the void as reality blurs with his imagination.

Purgatory Never Ends

Dex Rodriguez (Dir), 2 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Dex Rodriguez in attendance.

Alex is stuck wondering an endless purgatory after losing the love of his life, Bluebell.

Stranger Within

Colby G Perrigo (Dir), 10 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Colby G Perrigo in attendance.

Cole is a suicidal young man with a strained relationship with his father. In his darkest moments, he meets a stranger at a café who connects with him, and tries to guide him toward a brighter future.

The Bereaved

Samantha Greco (Dir), 10 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Samantha Greco in attendance.

Set in a technologically advanced future, a widow becomes addicted to the virtual reality program that allows her to relive moments with her deceased husband. Her neglected daughter tries to save her from her overwhelming grief.


Ryan Edward Wellence (Dir), 10 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Ryan Edward Wellence in attendance.

A simple doorway is a gateway to places far and near, real and imagined.

Mr. Sisyphus

Jedi Joongoo Kang (Dir), 9 minutes, USA, New York Premiere

Director Jedi Joongoo Kang in attendance.

The story of a man hopping on his mountain bike for the first time in 7 years following a hip replacement. Inspired by Albert Camus’ interpretation of Sisyphus.


Olu Akanbi (Dir), 6 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Director Olu Akanbi in attendance.

Rotimi Akanbi’s love letter from mother to son is set against the backdrop of changing seasons in Buffalo, NY.

A Subway Mystery

Daniel Mauer (Dir), 5 minutes, USA, Buffalo Premiere

Director Daniel Mauer in attendance.

Strange things happen to a nameless protagonist (Robert Zam) as he is trying to make his way home on the subway.

  • Still from Her Habitat

    Still from Her Habitat

    Directed by: Nora Marris

  • Still from Falling Up

    Still from Falling Up

    Directed by: Davis Cameron Chu

  • Still from Feral Joe

    Still from Feral Joe

    Directed by: Ruby Zephyr Soudant

  • Still from Sinking

    Still from Sinking

    Directed by: Dylan Huang

  • Still from Purgatory Never Ends

    Still from Purgatory Never Ends

    Directed by: Dex Rodriguez

  • Still from Stranger Within

    Still from Stranger Within

    Directed by: Colby G. Perrigo

  • Still from The Bereaved

    Still from The Bereaved

    Directed by: Samantha Greco

  • Still from Door

    Still from Door

    Directed by: Ryan Edward Wellence

  • Still from Mr. Sisyphus

    Still from Mr. Sisyphus

    Directed by: Jedi Joongoo Kang

  • Still from Cruzando

    Still from Cruzando

    Directed by: Olu Akanbi

  • Still from A Subway Mystery

    Still from A Subway Mystery

    Directed by: Daniel Mauer

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