BIFF Shorts: Twisted
Virtual Screening

BIFF Shorts: Twisted

October 6-20, 2022

Dark comedies, allegorical films, dramas, and more! 136 minutes.

Can I Help?

Rupert Ratcliffe (Dir), 15 minutes, UK, New York State Premiere

An operating system tries to help a successful and overworked architect get over the break up of his family.


Andre LeBlanc (Dir), 15 minutes, USA, New York State Premiere

A computer designed to flag violent internet content starts creating its own, with its inventors as the subjects.

Tomorrow, My God!

Andrea Studinger (Dir), 20 minutes, France, World Premiere

Four friends on vacation in the French countryside banter about love, life and other anxieties.

Artistic Character

Vasily Chuprina (Dir), 15 minutes, Netherlands, Western New York Premiere

A quiet artist (Sergey Semerikov) daydreaming about his muse, inadvertently sets in motion a series of unfortunate events.

Unintended Country

Alfredo Hueck (Dir), 16 minutes, Venezuela, Western New York Premiere

An absurd show of improvising clowns tests the patience of an increasingly exhausted audience. Any overlap with politics, it's not improvised at all.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Yours and Mine and Us

Karl Em Richter (Dir), 12 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Expecting to meet his mother in a hotel, Henry (Ben Huth) has an unlikely encounter with a stranger, Anais (Leslie Murphy) in this darkly comedic family drama.


Stacey Maltin (Dir), 43 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

In this tender, raunchy, and queer exploration of female pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction, a woman struggling with vaginismus tries to connect with her sexuality through rushed, reckless intimacy, and vigorous EMDR trauma therapy.